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DONG Energy commissions HiDef for Isle of Man project

DONG Energy commissions HiDef for Isle of Man project

HiDef Aerial Surveying Limited (HiDef) is delighted to confirm that it has been selected by DONG Energy to undertake ultra high resolution digital video aerial surveys at a new offshore wind farm site in the Irish Sea, known as the Isle of Man project.

The Isle of Man project, as a proposed development in the Isle of Man’s territorial seas, requires consent from the Isle of Man Government and as part of that consenting process, information has to be supplied about potential environmental impacts in the form of an Environmental Impact Assessment (known as an EIA).

The prediction of the nature and scale of any environmental impact needs to be based on reliable and scientifically accurate data, which is where HiDef excels. The transect-based survey method has now become the de facto standard in a number of countries including the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States of America because it has been proven to give accurate and precise abundance estimates for seabirds and marine mammals across the hundreds of surveys where it has been used.

The survey programme for the Isle of Man project will continue for up to two years and builds upon the work that HiDef has already successfully undertaken for DONG Energy, including at the nearby Burbo Bank Extension project, the Celtic Array Round 3 zone and the Northern Irish First Flight Wind project.

DONG Energy’s Jeremy Martin was pleased to confirm the award:

DONG Energy is the market leader in offshore wind and we are firmly committed to the UK, having already invested in excess of £5 billion. We are pleased to confirm that we have commissioned HiDef to work with us on the Isle of Man project, following a successful ongoing partnership at the Burbo Bank Extension.

HiDef’s innovative approach and ability to deliver the right results was important in selecting them for this work. We strongly believe their industry-leading approach will provide a firm basis for successful consenting. Their unique use of high-resolution video was important in giving the Isle of Man Government the confidence that the data collected would be scientifically accurate and allow for a properly informed environmental assessment.”

HiDef’s Commercial Director, Kit Hawkins, responded:

HiDef is delighted to have been selected by DONG Energy once again for this exciting project, especially given the Isle of Man project’s importance in delivering renewable energy post-2020.

HiDef shares DONG Energy’s vision that offshore wind is a central part of the future energy mix, offering long-term energy security to the UK and the Isle of Man. This contract award further outlines the confidence that both industry and Government has in our technique and technology.”

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