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Dounreay Trì thanks HiDef for helping to secure consent

Dounreay Trì thanks HiDef for helping to secure consent

HiDef is delighted to confirm that Dounreay Trì Limited has been granted planning consent for the installation of a novel floating wind farm 9km off the northern coast of Scotland by the Scottish Government.

This consent means that the facility will achieve the necessary Renewables Obligation accreditation by the end of March 2017 to allow it to proceed, in what will be a major boost for both Scotland and the UK renewables industry. The prototype facility, which will be constructed at Nigg in the Highlands, will put Scotland at the forefront of floating offshore wind and will ensure lower costs to the consumer by allowing deployment in deeper waters than previously possible.

The twin turbine Dounreay Trì project will generate up to 10MW of electricity, enough to power around average 8,000 homes. By opening up the deeper waters off the north and west coast of Scotland, floating wind farms can make a significant contribution to helping Scotland meet its renewable energy targets.

HiDef played a major role in securing consent for the Dounreay Trì, firstly by delivering ultra-high-resolution video marine mammal and bird surveys across the Dounreay Trì site between January 2015 and December 2015, and supporting these surveys with historic trend analysis (HTA) and complex statistical analysis. Following this, HiDef then undertook the ornithological impact assessment chapter of the Environmental Statement (ES) and worked alongside SMRU Limited, who undertook the marine mammal impact assessment chapter.

Marcus Thor, the Dounreay Trì Project Director, thanked HiDef for its support:

“Dounreay Trì Limited and Hexicon AB would like to thank HiDef for the major role played in helping to consent the Dounreay Trì project, from undertaking incredibly challenging surveys in the north of Scotland to delivering an excellently composed, concise and meaningful ornithological impact assessment.

The Dounreay Trì project is the first Scottish offshore wind project to be supported by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and this can be largely attributed to HiDef’s understanding of the issues, as well as the scientifically robust and accurate data that they collected to support that assessment.

HiDef’s experience and expertise in the ornithological sector is second-to-none and we do not believe that any other company could have supported us in the same way, and with the same level of expertise as HiDef. HiDef has been an essential part of our journey to date and we look forward to continuing this relationship as we move forward.”

In response, Kit Hawkins, HiDef’s Managing Director said:

“We are delighted that the Dounreay Trì has been given consent by the Scottish Government and would like to congratulate the project team for gaining consent in such a short timeframe.

HiDef has enjoyed working with Dounreay Trì Limited, helping to support a project which has the potential to bring down the cost of offshore wind and enabling this form of renewable energy to be even more financially viable. We look forward to continuing to support Hexicon AB, both at the Dounreay Trì project and their future ventures.”

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