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Hexicon submits Dounreay TRÌ application

Hexicon submits Dounreay TRÌ application

HiDef is pleased to confirm that it has played a major role in assessing the potential environmental effects of Hexicon AB’s Dounreay Trì Floating Wind Demonstration (known as Dounreay Trì) project, by undertaking the ornithological impact assessment chapter of the Environmental Statement (ES) and working with SMRU Limited, who undertook the marine mammal impact assessment chapter.

This work builds upon the delivery of ultra-high-resolution video marine mammal and bird surveys across the Dounreay Trì site between January 2015 and December 2015 and the provision of both historic trend analysis (HTA) and survey reporting, undertaking using complex statistical methods.

The application was submitted to the Scottish Government in October 2016 and seeks a licence to construct and operate the Dounreay Trì project, which is located approximately 6km off Dounreay, Scotland. When constructed, the Dounreay Trì project will consist of a semi-submersible platform fitted with two wind turbines generators (WTG) and will have a total capacity of between 8MW and 12MW.

Hexicon AB is a Swedish company with a background within shipbuilding and technology development and plans to have the Dounreay Trì project in operation by the summer of 2018.

Speaking about HiDef’s work on the project, Kit Hawkins said:

“We are delighted to have been able to support Hexicon AB for almost two years now at the Dounreay Trì project. Initially, we undertook twelve months’ surveys across the site, which included surveying in challenging weather conditions which required us to make the most of our weather forecasting and survey execution skills.

Following this, we delivered a series of detailed reports to support the application for consent before undertaking the ornithological environmental impact assessment (EIA) chapter of the ES. A key aspect of our strategy since announcing the partnership with BioConsult SH is to deliver high-quality consultancy services and reporting. Having been selected to undertake this work on such a novel and innovative technology is a real feather in the cap for our growing consultancy team.”

Marcus Thor, Hexicon’s Project Director responded:

“HiDef’s experience and expertise, combined with the excellence of their offshore survey capability, meant that they were always the first-choice for our project team. HiDef’s work is always of a high standard and the advice given by HiDef’s expert ornithologists has helped smooth the consenting process no end.

Our aim is for this project to show how a multi turbine concept can help bring down the cost of offshore wind, enabling this form of renewable energy to be even more financially viable. HiDef has been an essential part of our progress so far and we look forward to continuing this relationship as we move forward.”

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