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HiDef Goes Carbon Neutral

HiDef Goes Carbon Neutral

HiDef Aerial Surveying Ltd this week committed to becoming carbon neutral in all of its operations, including the aerial survey part of its business. HiDef provides a range of services to its clients, but primarily it provides digital video aerial wildlife surveys offshore, mainly for offshore wind farms. HiDef commissioned Carbon Footprint Ltd to audit its annual carbon emissions for 2020 and signed up to tree-planting schemes in England, Scotland and in the Amazonian rainforest to neutralise these.

HiDef Principal Consultant, Catriona Gall, who organised the audit said “We calculated all of our travel, heating and electricity costs for last year, however, most of our emissions came from our aerial survey programme. But for our use of low-emissions aircraft, we would have been responsible for even more carbon compounds going into the earth’s atmosphere.”

Andy Webb, Managing Director of HiDef added today “Our survey work helps offshore wind developers and governments to meet their climate change targets by reducing carbon emissions from electricity generation. As a socially responsible company, it is important to us that we also reduce the amount of carbon we are responsible for releasing into the atmosphere and that we offset what we release by a variety of methods that capture carbon from the atmosphere such as tree planting. We have committed to continuing to neutralise all our carbon emissions for the future and will be examining other options for carbon capture which will also benefit the earth’s people and wildlife.”


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