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HiDef heralds bright future

HiDef heralds bright future

HiDef Aerial Surveying Limited (HiDef) is pleased to announce that it has joined forces with leading German environmental consultancy BioConsult SH GmbH & Co. KG (BioConsult SH), following a sale by parent company HiDef Resolutions Limited (HRL), on 1 August 2016

The partnership not only creates Europe’s premier digital aerial survey company, but also gives HiDef’s client base immediate access to BioConsult SH’s pool of over thirty environment scientists, marine biologists, ornithologists and statisticians, adding further strength and credibility to HiDef’s already market leading offering. The link between BioConsult SH and HiDef was established in 2013, when BioConsult SH became the first European Licensee for HiDef’s bespoke digital aerial survey technology, extending the service to Denmark in 2014. The partnership creates a high-profile offshore wildlife survey consultancy and one which is able to provide greater focus to the core business areas across northern Europe.

Two years ago, HRL announced it would be concentrating on its core skill of developing technologies, which would be brought to market via licensing to third parties. A key part of that strategy was the divestment of services, including its delivery of digital video aerial surveys. Savvy Technologies Limited, HiDef’s sister business and owner of the technology’s intellectual property, will focus on the research and development of the HiDef digital video camera system, as well as the collision avoidance system currently under development on behalf of the U.S. Department of Energy. HRL also retains its U.S. business HiDef Aerial Surveying Inc, although it is intended that the U.S. territory will be operated under license within the next 18 months.

Mark Robinson, Managing Director of HRL explained “BioConsult SH were a natural choice when we looked to divest our UK operations, as they have done a fantastic job delivering our digital video proposition in Germany and Denmark. Our businesses share the same values and we are both committed to providing quality outputs to customers. It became apparent very early in our discussions that this would be good for everyone, especially HiDef’s client base and our existing staff. This now allows HiDef to grow its business rapidly and move its industry leading service into other areas.”

Kit Hawkins, HiDef’s Commercial Director, continued “The timing of this is perfect, giving us complementary skills and access to one of Germany’s leading offshore wind consultancies. Over the last few years, HiDef has developed a reputation for excellence, both in the survey sector and in delivering best-in-class reporting using cutting edge statistical techniques. Continuing to grow the business meant additional propositions needed to be introduced and we are delighted to be able to immediately offer BioConsult’s deep industry knowledge and skill set to our Clients.”

Georg Nehls, Managing Director of BioConsult SH said “These are exciting times for all concerned, as our history with HiDef in our other territories made the decision to acquire HiDef an easy one. Our intention is to broaden the services currently offered by introducing our full portfolio of environmental and consenting services for all kind of marine projects, with special focus on offshore wind and nature conservation. BioConsult’s strength is to provide science-based advice and to develop innovative solutions, for example in the field of underwater noise monitoring and mitigation. Our first task will be to speak to current customers and discover how we can introduce our other services. We believe our extended team gives us a unique blend of talent which we enable HiDef to become a one-stop-shop for industry and the statutory advisers alike”.

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