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HiDef spreads its wings

HiDef spreads its wings

UK based company HiDef Aerial Surveying Ltd, today announced the company is moving forward once again to work outside Britain and Ireland, spreading their skill base to the global offshore aerial survey market. With a significant workload across the UK, Ireland and France, surveying for marine wildlife via unique digital video aerial survey methods has seen the company become established industry leaders. HiDef merged with German consultancy BioConsult SH two years ago and brought the survey systems to Germany and now lead the market there also.

“Our expansion into the global market marks a milestone in our growth as we introduce our world-class products to new audiences,” said Andy Webb, Managing Director of HiDef Aerial Surveying. “We will add new techniques and packages to our already successful offerings of digital video aerial surveys and further connect industry with the best ecological data allowing informed decisions and reduced risks”.

HiDef have previously undertaken US mid-Atlantic baseline studies funded by the United States Department of Energy and operated from a base in Boston, Massachusetts. This experience, and the recent launch of a new seabird collision risk app, has shown HiDef to be at the industry fore, applying knowledge as well as technology to solve marine wildlife questions.

“More countries are taking the European approach as standard now” said Andy, “The United States, Australia and Taiwan all recognise the expertise available in Europe and want to work with us rather than reinventing their own approaches”

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